Big Jeff Davis 11-point caps off wild week

Britt Buller shot this big Jeff Davis Parish 11-pointer on Oct. 27. The buck green-scored 146 inches.
Britt Buller shot this big Jeff Davis Parish 11-pointer on Oct. 27. The buck green-scored 146 inches.

Buller shoots three bucks over three days — including one that green-scores 146 inches

They say good things come in threes — and Britt Buller proved it during a wild stretch of hunting late last month in Jeff Davis Parish.

The 18-year-old from Kinder filled his buck tags in three successive days: On Oct. 25 and 26, he shot two 8-points, then finished up on Oct. 27 with a big 11-pointer measuring 146 inches.

If you’re counting, that’s 27 antler points in just three days.

“I live in Kinder in Jeff Davis Parish with my parents and three sisters, and I hunt on our family land just across the highway from were we live,” Buller said.

His wild week began after he returned from a trip to Oklahoma.

“After those two exciting days when I got 8-points two days in a row, my dad and a friend and I headed to the woods to hunt Saturday morning. Along about 8, my dad sent me a text suggesting that we call off the hunt; nothing seemed to be moving. I had this feeling based on the fact that there was a full moon this week, the deer would be moving later,” Buller said. “So I asked if we could stay just a little bit longer, and dad agreed we would give it just a little more time.”

Buller felt like he was on the clock, much like he does in pursuit of his other passion, rodeo team roping — and hoped that his luck would change within the next half hour or so.

Although the family did not put out cameras this year, Buller found several rubs on trees the size of his thigh, so he know there was a big buck hanging out in those woods. He felt like if he stayed with it just a bit longer, there was a chance this big one might show up — and it did.

“As it was getting near the time when I’d have to leave my ladder stand propped against a big pine, a doe suddenly ran across one of my lanes where I have corn and rice bran out as an attractant,” he said. “She didn’t stop to eat; she was in a hurry. Within a few seconds after she left the lane, I caught movement behind her and this buck with a head full of horns appeared behind her at about 100 yards.”

But the buck was trotting at a good clip, and when Buller finally got the scope of his Browning 7 mag on the deer just before it disappeared into the thicket, the crosshairs settled behind the shoulder and he hit the trigger.

The buck ran only 10 yards before collapsing.

“When I saw the buck hit the ground, I was pretty shaken up because I could see from the rack that this was the biggest buck I ever shot,” he said. “When I got down to where the buck was piled up, I was even more impressed — the rack was really big.”

The buck had 11 points on a massive rack, with inside spread of 18 inches. The deer, which weighed about 160 pounds, was green-scored at 146 inches.

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