CZ 1012 shotgun

If you’re tired of having to spend too much time after hunts cleaning your shotgun, making sure it’s spotless so the gas-operated recoil system works, then the CZ 1012 is for you.

A moderately priced semi-automatic, the CZ 1012 comes in five models, all in 12-gauge with a 28-inch barrel, with the company’s new gas-less spring bolt operating system, which uses recoil from the shot to rotate and unlock the twin-lug bolt head from the barrel extension to withdraw the spent shell. Maintanance requirements are minimal compared to gas-operated guns.

Unlike many semi-automatic guns, the inertia-operted recoil system in the CZ 1012 will shoot anything from light dove loads to magnum waterfowl loads without any adjustments. The gun handles 23/4- and 3-inch shells.

The CZ 1012 weighs in at 61/2 pounds and comes in Mossy Oak camo, and four other stock/receiver combos, including Turkish walnut and polymer, each with five interchangeable chokes. It also comes with an adjustable stock to ensure a perfect fit for every shooter.

MSRP: $659-$749.

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