Caddo Parish committee shoots down proposed subdivision rifle ordinance

Measure killed by 7-0 vote, KSLA reports

In packed chambers Monday night, a Caddo Commission committee voted down a proposed ordinance that would have restricted where rifles could be fired around subdivisions in the parish, according to media reports.

Shreveport’s KSLA-TV says the measure sponsored by Commissioner David Cox, which would have made it illegal to fire a .17 or larger-caliber rifle within one mile of subdivision, failed by a vote of 7-0.

Opponents of the measure packed the chambers, including resident Rob Broussard, according to the station.

“Hunters are a very vocal group, as well as gun owners,  and anytime they feel people are coming close to infringing upon their second amendment rights, they get involved,” he said. “More laws are not going to solve problems.”

Cox told KSLA he never intended to take peoples’ gun rights away, but wanted to protect residents in subdivisions.

“We have too many walking through woods with guns near houses,” he told the station.

Cox said he plans to review a recently-passed state law, Act No. 259, to see if he will move forward with a similar ordinance.

Act. No. 259 deals with regulating hunting and shooting firearms in unincorporated parish areas.