Bayou Bunny Blast

Hunting seasons are almost over, so take advantage of the thinnest ground cover of the year to load a bag with tasty rabbits.

I could hear the high-pitched yodels of the beagles heading my way along the canal spoil bank. I chose my spot carefully, not just because it would give me a clear shot at a rabbit ahead of the dogs, but it allowed me to also keep an eye on my buddy and my sons back at the boat.

Long worn out from trudging canal banks, the boys had stopped to enjoy a few snacks and a couple of those drinks in the foil container you stick a straw into.

The swamp dogs came closer, and it seemed I was going to blow an eyeball out straining to see anything that looked like fur sneaking through thick understory in front of me. Suddenly, everything was streaking past me along the water’s edge — rabbit followed by dogs — right toward the boat. Click here to read more on Bayou Bunny Blast

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