Four accused of violations in separate incidents

Four people were cited recently in connection with alleged wildlife and fishery violations in two separate incidents, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported.

In the latest case, LDWF agents cited spouses Thomas and Monique Use of Houma for numerous wildlife and fisheries violations after a roughly 20-month undercover investigation that documented 22 alleged violations.

Among citations issued were deer hunting during illegal hours, selling fish without a wholesale or retail license, selling reptiles or amphibians without the proper license, selling commercial fish without the required license, selling fur-bearing animals without a fur dealer’s license, and selling deer meat.

The investigation began in January 2008 after agents received reports in late 2007 that Thomas Use was allegedly hunting deer at night and selling the meat from his residents. Undercover agents worked the case until August.

If convicted on all counts, the Uses could face fines in excess of $11,000 and a combined maximum jail time of 1,770 days plus all court costs.

In the second incident, 43-year-old Timmy Andras and 24-year-old Alex Andras were cited for alleged deer violations in Lafourche Parish on Dec. 20, according to an LDWF news release.

The two Thibodaux men are accused of taking deer from a moving vessel, failing to maintain sex identification, taking over the limit of deer and violating deer tagging requirements.

This investigation began after agents received a complaint of someone killing over the limit of deer. When agents arrived at the scene, they allegedly discovered the Andrases in possession of five deer, the news release reads.

Allegedly none of the deer were tagged as required by law, and they had allegedly been taken from a moving motorboat from levees after being forced to the higher ground during recent flooding.

The penalties for taking over the limit of deer and failure to maintain sex identification are fines between $250 and $500 or jail time up to 90 days or both plus court costs.  Hunting deer from a moving boat and failure to comply with deer tagging or harvest report card requirements are each punishable by fines if between $100 and $350 or jail time up to 60 days or both plus court costs.

Civil Restitution for the replacement value of the five deer, if imposed, amounts to $2622.70.

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