Fenix Model UC30 Flashlight

Great light with micro USB charging capability

Let’s face it — lots of sportsmen out there have pretty swanky flashlights — many of which that are probably sitting there with dead batteries.

The Model UC30 from Fenix makes it easier to keep to keep the unit charged — and that’s pretty much what counts when it comes to flashlights.

“The beauty of this light is it’s what they call a tri-fuel light. You can use the CR123 lithium batteries, which is what the majority of these flashlights take. Or you can use a rechargeable battery,” according to Lea Benoit at Bowie Outfitters. “But what sets this one apart is this light is also a micro USB rechargeable light, so instead of having to take the battery out and put it on a cradle to charge it, all you have to do is plug a micro USB chord into the flashlight itself and then plug it into the wall or the USB outlet in your vehicle. Basically imagine charging your iPhone – it charges the exact same way.”

So when you’re driving in to the duck camp or heading to your deer stand, you can charge on the go.

“Everybody wants to have a flashlight they can carry around with them, and with this one, they don’t ever have to worry about  whether it’s got power or not because you treat it just like your cellphone,” he said. “You can keep it in the charger in your truck, or plug it into the USB port on your laptop.

“Any way you can charge your phone, you can charge the UC30.”

The Fenix Model UC30 flashlight sells for $59.99 at Bowie’s. For more information, click here.

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