Sportsman endorses Nungesser for lieutenant governor

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For most, Billy Nungesser burst into your consciousness shortly after the oil spill. Besides our governor, Mr. Nungesser was the main character who carried our state’s fears and concerns to the national audience. But he also did something else that was critical: He demanded action and plenty of it. In fact, he never tired of taking our case to anyone who would listen. You could not turn on the TV or radio or open a newspaper without hearing from Mr. Nungesser. Thank goodness he chose that moment to not flinch from the tasks at hand.

Mr. Nungesser is a Sportsman. He fishes, he hunts and he recognizes the treasures God has bestowed upon the great state of Louisiana. Mr. Nungesser knows we have to preserve this treasure for generations who live here and those who visit our state to enjoy our bounty. He has proposed having the Lieutenant Governor’s office be the umbrella by which all the various entities can present a unified front. The Lieutenant Governor’s office is also charged with running the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. Mr. Nungesser has also pledged to use all the resources possible to continue to grow, and nuture the sportfishing, hunting and coastal tourism business that has taken its bumps and bruises from hurricanes, oil spills and, of course, coastal erosion.

Now Sportsmen from throughout the state have a choice to make this Saturday: Who will be best to represent our interests in the Lieutenant Governor’s office? The Louisiana Sportsman endorses Mr. Billy Nungesser and encourages you to vote for him.