New and improved Louisiana Sportsman Classifieds

At Louisiana Sportsman, we take pride in being known as the #1 place for buying and selling all things Sportsman. We thought it was time to give the classifieds a makeover; a facelift that provides our readers with a site that is easier to use.

When we started building the new site, we conducted phone interviews with real-time users of the site. We did this strategically so that the new site could have everything that’s important to the members of the Louisiana Sportsman community.

The best thing about the classifieds is that it offers a place where anyone can buy or sell just about anything. The new site makes it so much easier to find the products you’re looking to buy. For the buyers in mind, it allows you to be able to sell your products/services even faster than before. Here is some recent feedback from the site:

  • “I’ve sold a camper in less then 10 minutes after placing an ad on Louisiana Sportsman Classifieds”
  • “I sold my boat on Louisiana Sportsman in less than 14 hours”
  • “As a daily user of the classifieds I’ve sold everything I’ve ever posted on Sportsman”

Not only did we revamp the classifieds, but we also upgraded the Business Directory. Now when you’re searching for a specific charter to use or specific gear for your next hunt, the business directory provides all the information you need to make your next purchase all in one place. Each business has a company profile page where all of their classified ads are listed, along with their social media handles, website, store locations and hours!

But wait, there’s more. If you sign up for one of the business memberships, not only will you receive a spot in our business directory, but depending on the package you choose, you can get unlimited classifieds ads. Give the new site a try, and enjoy your first post free!

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