Facebook, Instagram ban private gun sales

Sportsman’s free classifieds still a great place for private gun transactions

As of late last month, Facebook and Instagram started banning users from coordinating private sales of firearms on those social platforms.

According to online reports, President Obama and state attorneys general had increased pressure on Facebook to tighten restrictions on firearms because of the proliferation of posts that offered guns for sale, often without background checks.

The ban does not apply to licensed gun dealers for purchases completed off Facebook, but targets Facebook pages devoted to privately buying, selling or trading guns.

The move brings firearms in line with the sites’ existing bans on private sales of marijuana, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs.

But Andy Crawford, the editor of Louisiana Sportsman magazine, said the Sportsman’s free classifieds are still a great option for gun owners looking to sell their weapons.

“As long as private gun sales are legal, Louisiana Sportsman’s classifieds are going to continue to allow those transactions to be made between individuals,” Crawford said. “So it’s a great place to meet other gun owners and find guns.”

But Crawford cautioned buyers and sellers to be wary of online deals that sound too good to be true.

“Just do your due diligence. We don’t recommend any method of business other than face-to-face, unless you know the user on the other end,” he said. “If they won’t meet with you, then you shouldn’t do business with them.”

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