Browning Elite Series and Stalker Series sunglasses

Browning, the most recognized outdoor brand logo in the world with its trade mark Buckmark logo. Now, there is finally a polarized sunglass good enough to pass the Browning test and get the famous Buckmark approval. Browning Eyewear sacrifices nothing on quality or performance, but allows you to have glasses for less than $100 when you would expect it to be more.

Elite Series
Browning Eyewear Elite Series of sunglass uses a “military grade” polymer known as TR-90, which not only looks great, but is a very lightweight, highly flexible frame that allows for great durability and comfort.

Each frame also has high-quality hinges to withstand the punishment of an active outdoor lifestyle. All Elite Series sunglasses come with crystal clear CR-39 Polarized lenses with a harden polymer that makes the lens scratch resistant.

Lenses are available in amber and grey.

Also, for the ladies, available in a two tone black/white and a white/pink frames with a decorative buckmark.

Stalker “Armour Coat” Series
The Browning Eyewear Stalker “Armour Coat” series uses a PC frame, but then reinforces it with our soft touch Armour Coating that allows for extreme comfort and feel, while reinforcing the PC frame. This allows for the frame to be highly flexible and durable while still maintaining its extremely lightweight feel.

Frames are available in Matte black, or in a 13-step Mossy Oak camo.

The Stalker series come with a TAC Polarized Lens formulated for superior visual and polarization clarity. They are hard coated to resist scratching, and block out 99 percent of all harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. These lenses are very lightweight and highly impact resistant, and come standard in our Stalker “Armour Coated” series, as we wanted a sunglass frame and lens that allowed for a very active lifestyle with a big concern to reduce weight of frame to help with ear and nose fatigue for wearing sunglasses all day.

Lenses are available in amber or grey lens.

Retail: $89.95 (Elite Series), $49.95