Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon

Pro Elite Fluorocarbon is the newest addition to the strong, reliable and proven fishing lines in the Vicious Fishing series that offers great results at the best value.

Pro Elite Fluorocarbon will be available in 200-, 500- and 800-yard spools, plus in leader wrist spools. Anglers using spinning reels with braided line can benefit from a fluorocarbon leader to get the best of both worlds – strength and durability from lure to spool with the two types, along with the near-invisibility of fluorocarbon at the terminal end.

Vicious Elite Team member John Crews of Virginia used Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon in March to win the opening Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on the California Delta. Pro Elite Fluorocarbon also has been tested for small and big game fish in thick cover and clear water, and is certain to work on whatever species is targeted.

Pro Elite Fluorocarbon will be available in sizes up to 25-pound test, produced in Japan with some of the most superior resins and technology available. While priced slightly higher than current USA made Vicious Fishing 100% Fluorocarbon, which comes in 4- to 20-pound test sizes, Pro Elite Fluorocarbon offers anglers a comparable “super fluoro” product at a great value.

Retail: TBA