Vicious Braid

The ultimate line for strength and durability, Vicious Braid will excel where monofilaments fear to tread.

Woven from the highest-quality Spectra fiber, it has virtually no stretch, allowing anglers to feel the slightest bite at any depth and set hooks with lightning speed.

Abrasion resistant and practically impervious to UV rays and water, Vicious Braid will give years of service in the harshest sunlight and most brutal fishing conditions.

The perfect combination of power and finesse, Vicious BRAID is the line you can count on!

Vicious Fishing Braid comes in moss green, and will be available in 10- through 200-pound test (mono equivalent 2 to 50 pounds).

Anglers can expect the following from the new Vicious Braid:

• Easy casting
• Very low stretch
• High sensitivity to detect the slightest bites
• Extremely durable and long lasting
• Color fastness and UV resistance
• Superior knot strength

Retail: $12.99-$21.99 (100 yards); $27.99-$32.99 (300 yards); $119.99-$249.99 (1500 yards)