PowerPro Hollow Ace

Leaders and backing often have one problem – knots that either have trouble moving freely through eye guides when used with leaders or protrude through the main line and interfers with casting ability when used to connect to backing. That’s not a problem with PowerPro Hollow Ace, a new hollow-core braided line.

PowerPro Hollow-Ace utilizes 16 strands of Honeywell Spectra fiber in its construction, “providing anglers that all important connection strength for all the applications it can be used in,” PowerPro’s Ted Sakai said.

The line acts like a Chinese finger trap, expanding and then cinching tight when inserted leader material is pulled taut.

He notes the Hollow-Ace braid goes through PowerPro’s Enhanced Body Technology process to create exceptional abrasion resistance and strength-to-diameter ratio.

Answering angler requests, PowerPro Hollow-Ace comes in three colors – white, high-visibility yellow and marine blue.

“The brighter colors can be seen much easier, especially when the bite turns on at night for long-range anglers who use hollow core braided lines for finger-trapping leaders and splicing loop-to-loop connections,” Sakai said.

A next generation hollow-core braided line, PowerPro Hollow-Ace is now available in six sizes – 40-, 60-, 80-, 100-, 130- and 200-pound test, with each size offered in three different colors.

“We focused on line structure, durability and connection strength with our new Hollow-Ace braid, and also provide anglers with more sizes and colors than our original hollow core to cover an even wider range of fishing situations,” Sakai said.

All sizes and colors of PowerPro Hollow-Ace are available in 100-yard spools for making wind-on leaders, a 500-yard box, and in 1500- and 3000-yard bulk spools.

For a limited time, selected tackle dealers nationwide (see the PowerPro.com web site for a complete list) are offering an affordable PowerPro Hollow-Ace splice kit.

The kit includes a Da-Ho needle set to expand the Hollow-Ace to splice in mono, fluorocarbon or PowerPro braid, a bobbin tool and PowerPro ‘PowerFloss’ for finishing ends, and a tube of Zap-A-Gap glue.

There’s also a DVD with step-by-step instructions on attaching line-to-line connections, wind-on leaders, whipping loops and splicing loops.

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