Oysterman ticketed for alleged refrigeration violations in Plaquemines Parish

162 sacks of oysters returned to water in Bay Adams, LDWF says

A Texas oysterman was ticketed Thursday in Plaquemines Parish for allegedly not keeping oysters cool enough while stored on his vessel, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Enforcement agents cited Luis G. Cabrera, 34, of Texas City, Texas, for alleged violations of the state’s health code for refrigeration of half shall, raw consumption oysters, according to a news release.

Agents on patrol in Bay Adams found Cabrera’s vessel was cooling oysters at 59 degrees, but Department of Health and Hospitals regulations state oysters harvested for raw consumption must be refrigerated at 45 degrees or lower, the release states.

Agents returned 162 sacks of oysters to the water in the investigation.

Violations of the state’s health code carry up to a $950 fine, according to the release.