Video: Huge grouper swallows 4-foot shark

Florida anglers watch big grouper snatch shark from their line

Sharks are the bullies of the ocean, prowling around just looking to push other fish around, right? That’s probably the impression most have of the toothy fish.

But even bullies can fall.

That’s what anglers off the coast of Bonita Springs, Fla., watched happen last August when a grouper swallowed a 4-foot shark being wrestled to the boat.

And it was all caught on video.

The vid begins by showing an angler’s rod bowed up on the shark, while just to the right a large brown shape lounges beneath the surface.

The camera, obviously on a stick, is stuck under water to show the big grouper swimming away. Then it is reset to show the shark being reeled in.

When the camera settles, the shark can be seen swimming a circle near the boat, obviously tiring. And as the angler reels in the last few feet of line, the shark gives up.

The angler pulled the shark’s head out of the water, and that’s when the grouper reappears — and snatches the shark from the alarmed angler’s line, seemingly swallowing the predatory fish in one gulp as the anglers shout their surprise.

Just goes to prove that even bullies better watch their backs.

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