Lens-cleaning wipes a must for any angler

Stock wipes to keep shades, electronics clear of smeared residue

There’s nothing worse than spending most of a fishing trip looking through sunglasses smeared with fingerprints, sweat, sunscreen, residue from water and fish slime. Or trying to get your GPS screen clean enough to see exactly where that top-secret hotspot is located.

You could grab the nearest towel (and don’t we all do that?), but the odds are pretty good that it will be nasty and just worsen the smearing.

The solution is very simple: Stock your boat with lens-cleaning wipes found at every Walmart in the country.

My preference is made by Zeiss, but there are a wide range of options. They come in individual packages that can be kept in any storage compartment or even your pocket.

When you need one, simply rip open the package and watch your lenses or GPS screen clean up like new.

They also work on binoculars, camera lenses and pretty much any glass.

Just be sure to get the kind made specifically for lenses: Baby wipes won’t work because they often have lotion added to sooth infants’ bottoms, and that defeats the purpose.

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