LDWF schedules drawdown for Iatt Lake

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has scheduled a drawdown for Iatt Lake in Grant Parish for the purpose of reducing further expansion of giant salvinia. In addition, the drawdown will benefit the lake’s fish population by promoting a balanced predator/prey relationship, where forage fish are more available to predator species. The dewatering will also improve spawning habitat by promoting the decomposition of organic material such as leaf litter and submersed vegetation.

LDWF has requested the Department of Transportation and Development open the water control structure on July 19, 2021. Once the water control structure is open, the lake should dewater at a rate of 3 to 4 inches per day until it reaches 4 to 5 feet below pool stage. It will be maintained at this level until October 19, 2021, at which time the structure will be closed and the lake allowed to refill. During the drawdown, boaters are advised to use caution when on the water as numerous obstructions that are normally not seen are present.

The drawdown is a necessary component of LDWF’s integrated management plan to control overabundant aquatic vegetation growth in Iatt Lake. An annual cycle of high and low water fluctuation can provide beneficial effects similar to a natural overflow lake system. The Iatt Lake Waterbody Management Plan can be viewed at: https://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/resources/category/freshwater-inland-fish/inland-waterbody-management-plans.

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