April gives us the choice between prime freshwater action, epic saltwater adventures and — for those willing to travel — awesome days on a mountain stream. Tough choices.

In freshwater, bream are on the beds. I always keep two rods set up: One has a size 10 or 12 popping bug in yellow or chartreuse, while the other has a sinking fly such as a jitterbee, fluff butt or cap spider with a tiny float attached about 3 feet above.

With either setup, the action is pretty much the same: Cast and twitch an inch or 2, and then pause. Most strikes come after the pause.

For bass, the two rod setup also applies. One will have a surface fly, such as a Dahlberg Diver or a Boogle Bug popper. If Mr. Bigmouth doesn’t come up, I switch to the second rod loaded with a submergent fly such as a Bass Bully, Fleeing Crawfish or Magnum Woolybugger.

For lakes that have hybrid stripers — such as Claiborne, Concordia, Indian Creek and False River — it’s best to have some Clouser Minnows handy just in case a school of these hard hitters comes your way.

In the marsh, the ponds should be full of grass, small shrimp and crabs. Even more so since this was such a mild winter. One of my best fly-fishing trips — 51 reds from a kayak using spoon flies and poppers — occurred one April.

If fish are in thick grass, switch to a bendback style such as the Prince of Tides.

With the prospect of an epic redfish trip, why would any fly angler consider speckled trout in April? Because some of the biggest trout of the year are often caught this month.

If you decide to pursue this option, you’d better bring poppers. Size 1/0 Skipping Bugs in red and white are my favorite.

For trout enthusiasts who frequent the Lower Mountain Fork River in Southeast Oklahoma, Beavers Bend State Park is now open, and there have been hefty rainbows and browns taken the last month.

Go with streamers early, and then switch to emergers in the afternoon.

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Glen ‘Catch’ Cormier has pursued fish on the fly for 30 years. A certified casting instructor and renowned fly tier, he and his family live in Baton Rouge.

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