Stuck on Hobie

Lessard credits much of his competitive fishing success to the Hobie-built Mirage Drive, a pedal propulsion system.

Steve Lessard started kayak fishing seven years ago. The Dutchtown resident was tired of the expenses and work after trips that went with the motorboat experience, but wanted to keep fishing.

A friend, Brenden Bayard, introduced him to kayaks — and he promptly went to Pack and Paddle in Lafayette to check them out.  “John Williams and his staff helped me select a Hobie because of my desire to go further and faster.

“They will match a person’s desires and body type to the kayak they want. It’s like getting fitted for a pair of shoes,” he grinned.

He is now stuck on Hobie. “Their Mirage Drive gives me the power and torque I need in strong currents, while leaving my hands free to fish.

“Other pedal drives are newer to the game and don’t have either the torque or the speed of a Hobie. There is not a kayak out there as fast as these.”

Lessard has evolved into a tournament angler “by chance,” he said.

“I liked group events. They are by definition ‘tournaments.’ I found out that I enjoyed it.”

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