Speckled trout on rocks and islands

On day 2 of our Leeville fishing trip we was blessed with favorable wind conditions, and we hammered on the speckled trout. The wind was very light in the morning and shifted to a strong southwest wind by afternoon. Winds from the south typically provide better fishing conditions in coastal Louisiana.

Day 1 of the trip was impacted by strong west wind that had been blowing for a few days, and so we struggled to find feeding trout. On the morning of day 2 we returned to the exact stretch of rocks where we had caught a few trout on day 1, and we found the trout feeding aggressively. My guess is the trout were at that spot on day 1, but due to the strong west wind, they were feeding in a very limited manner.

The comparison of these two days of is a perfect example of the condition driven feeding behavior of speckled trout.

Even though the weather has turned hot, the trout are still aggressively hitting hard baits, and we caught some quality fish using a variety of hard baits. These baits included: MirrOlure Mirrodine, MirrOlure She Dog, MirrOlure Fat Boy (Paul Brown), Texas Custom Lures – Double D, Rapala Skitter Walk and Rapala X-RAP.

The barrier islands are wonderful places but they are in constant decline. Restoration projects are the only way to keep them intact. We should support these efforts and encourage the CPRA in incorporating the regrowth of submerged aquatic vegetation on the islands, because SUV greatly improves the marine ecology.

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