Sabine’s summer trout cycle

Ricky Trahan said the live croaker pattern in the Sabine channel holds from May through September of each year.

“Most years,” he added, “you can catch fish all through the summer up in the lake, as well, but on plastics and topwaters.

“For some reason, I’ve never done well with croakers in the lake itself.”

Also, summer trout fishermen can fish what are called the “short rigs,” offshore oil and gas platforms set in 25 to 35 feet of water.

Speckled trout suspend under them 15 to 20 feet deep, looking for cooler water. But, Trahan cautioned that it needs to be calm to run to them.

Surf-fishing is also good, especially in September. Early cool fronts with gentle north winds lay the surf down, although conditions might also be good with a light east wind.

“It takes a couple of days of north wind to clear up the water,” Trahan said. “I’ve seen north wind for a week and the water getting so clear that you can see your feet chest deep in the water.”

Trahan either drives to the beach in his truck via Mae’s Beach Road or he fishes from a boat.

Remember that the reciprocal licensing agreement between the states does not apply to surf fishing.

Trahan’s favorite surf-fishing baits are live finger mullets or 3- to 4-inch pogies that he catches with a cast net.

“Croakers are deadly too,” he adds.

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