Redfish bite consistent in Biloxi Marsh

Gallo regularly catching limits with dead shrimp under a cork, spinners, spoons and weedless jerkbaits

When Capt. Mike Gallo worked in retail many years ago, he used a slogan that’s served him well ever since.

“We used to say, ‘You never want to over-promise and under-deliver,” he said.

It’s the same way Gallo operates his guide service, Angling Adventures of Louisiana, and that means lots of redfish trips in the month of August.

“I tell customers I don’t even concentrate much on catching trout in July, August and most of September because a good day might be 20 fish,” he said. “It’s been weeks since I’ve hear of anybody catching 20, and often it takes three guys together to catch 20 trout right now.

“That’s too inconsistent for me.”

Enter the good old, reliable redfish, Gallo’s go-to fish-of-choice in the dog days of summer.

“The shoreline has been doing fine from Bayou La Fee all the way around to Bayou Grande,” Gallo said. “Look for baitfish activity, points, pockets and moving water.”

If a west wind is blowing, he suggested moving inside the Biloxi Marsh.

“Just follow the bayous into the marsh and fish the shorelines, points and coves and work your way back into the ponds,” he said.

Gallo targets reds with  dead shrimp under a cork, spinner, spoons, plastics and weedless jerkbaits.

“There’s grass in certain areas,” he said. “I’ll throw right in the middle of the grass with the weedless jerkbait, I’ll throw a spinner on the outskirts and I’ll set a popping cork shallow above the grass.

“Or you can work the edge of the grass like you do a shoreline, casting right up against it.”

Pogeys are plentiful now in the marsh, so brightly colored Deadly Dudley plastics have been working well, he said.

“Salt and pepper is my first choice, and then from there, glow and then white,” he said.

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