Croaker Soaker

There’s a reason why the venerable baitfish is this Grand Isle guide’s favorite.

“I fish live bait — live croakers,” the 68-year-old says with conviction, as if looking for a challenge. “Using plastic can be a good way to find the fish,” he adds, seeming for a moment to soften a bit, “but when I find them, I throw croakers to catch more. The reason I don’t stay with plastic is to catch bigger fish. You gotta remember that I like bigger fish.”

Carol “Zutie” Auenson can afford to ooz self-confidence. The box beneath him is thumping with speckled trout showing their displeasure with being introduced to ice. Not a cloud mars the sky as the boat rocks easily in the gentle beach swell near Grand Isle, summertime headquarters for the veteran fishing guide. The break of the small waves on the beach sounds like the crinkling of crepe paper. The water is “trout green.”Click here to read more on Croaker Soaker

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