Best times to go bowfishing

By the very laws of nature, much fishing and hunting is cyclical and seasonal. Not so with marsh bowfishing, Capt. Graylin Schultheis said.

“The fish are here all the time,” Schultheis said.

Water clarity tends to be the limiting factor, according to the experienced skipper.

“Late February into April and October-November are best for water clarity,” Schultheis explained. “Summer can be hit or miss for clarity, but even at the best times of the year bad weather can affect clarity.

“December, January and early February can produce hard fishing, mainly because of low tides affecting boat mobility. But the fish are sluggish and easy to shoot at this time of year. Also, at this time the fish bunch up; you will see none for an hour and then see 20 in one spot.”

Winter can be challenging, but mostly for the guides.

“Cold weather can also be tough on fingers and hands mainly for the charter captains and deck hands,” Schultheis said. “They handle the fish, so getting wet hands isn’t a problem for (clients). If people dress properly, they don’t get cold.”

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