Best bet for Lafitte’s fall trout

There’s no doubt that the Bayou Rigoletts wall offers some of the best redfishing in all of South Louisiana during November, but there is a spot not too far to its south that offers some of the best speckled trout fishing, as well.

Brusle Lake just south of Bay L’Ours on the western side of Little Lake is a perennial hotspot when it comes to catching speckled trout during the fall.

According to Capt. Lane Zimmer, the reason the speck fishing is so good is the large grass mat that flourishes there during the summer.

“Man, that grass grows tall and mats over in there during the summer, like Lake Cataouatche,” he said. “When the weather cools off, the grass dies back, and speckled trout stack up on the edges of where the grass beds used to be to eat any bait moving in and out of whatever grass remains.”

Zimmer hits Brusle Lake with a dark-colored Ghost Minnow fished under a popping cork, and he stays on the move until he finds little pockets of trout.

“You may fish a while without getting a bite and then find that perfect little spot where you can load the boat quickly,” Zimmer said. “It’s fairly common to limit out in there during fall, and everybody knows it.

“You may have 20 to 30 boats in there on any given day, and most of them will be catching fish.”

About the only thing that can shut down the Brusle Lake trout big is a strong cold front that drops the water temperature. In that case, Zimmer said the trout will leave Brusle and head to deeper water in Clovely Canal.

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