Bixpy’s Kayak Motor

When paddling or pedaling isn’t enough, an increasing number of kayak anglers are adding electric motors to lessen the physical requirements and/or increase their range. Several companies offer kits and brackets to install traditional trolling motors, but the Bixpy jet motor is a high performance motor contained in a plastic waterproof shell with a small, fully enclosed propeller. One advantage of the Bixpy is that with available accessories, it can be used to propel kayaks, SUPs or any manner of small watercraft. A removable handle with an integrated battery can be used for underwater propulsion for snorkelers and divers. With available rudder mounting or specialized brackets, the Bixpy can be adapted to almost any kayak. It can be powered with a variety of batteries, but available lithium ion rechargeables offer long run time and low weight. An included remote control changes a variety of speeds in both forward and reverse.

More info: www.bixpy.com

Bote’s Rover

This unique craft by legendary paddle board maker Bote is truly a hybrid fishing craft. As the Overall Best of Show winner at ICAST 2017, the Rover turned heads and had tongues wagging. It is a paddle board and powered microskiff — and everything in between. Paddle boards are regularly used for fishing by a dedicated group of anglers and now Bote adds the option of electric or gas propulsion. A unique rack system allows the craft to be changed from paddle to power in just a few seconds. The aluminum Moto Rac weighs only 4 pounds and includes rod holders, two 1-gallon fuel tanks and can handle a 6hp motor. With its multi-component Rac system, tackle, buckets and grab bars make for fishing-friendly features. The innovative Rover has the ability to quickly get anglers to remote areas where they can then utilize all the advantages of a stable, stand-up paddle craft.

More info: www.boteboard.com/rover

Bonafide SS127

At a time when every major kayak manufacturer has jumped onto the pedal kayak bandwagon, leave it to legendary kayak accessory innovator Luther Cifers to make a huge splash (pun intended) with a new paddle kayak brand. YakAttack is a household name to kayak anglers across the country. Their American-made products are cutting edge and have led the industry with add-on items that make kayak fishing easier, safer and more efficient. With his wealth of kayak fishing experience and knowledge, it was only natural that Cifers build his own kayak and brand. Bonafide rode a social media marketing wave that had loyal YakAttack fans committing to buy the new Bonafide ‘yak sight unseen, based solely on the confidence they had in Cifers and crew to build a unique, fisherman-friendly craft. Having the opportunity to briefly test a prototype at ICAST, their trust was well placed. The Bonafide SS127 paddles easily and tracks like it is riding on a Gear Trac (a highly popular YakAttack product). The fit, finish and utility are second to none. With its unique hull design, high/low lounge seat and precise deck layout, anglers are equally comfortable and stable whether sitting or standing. A full review of the Bonafide SS127 is in the works once the production models are available in a couple of months. A smaller 10-foot version is also on the drawing board, the SS107.

More info: www.bonafidekayaks.com/products/kayaks

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