GPS waypoints: Delacroix to Point A La Hache

This area is actually where Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge got started. The interest generated from this location allowed me to start marketing waypoints for 21 different areas, including Barataria Bay, Lake Borgne, Hopedale to Bayou Terre Boeufs, Bayou Bienvenue, Port Sulphur, Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne and many more.

As a fisherman of the Delacroix area, I had a vast library of locations to fish, and almost 260 of these are included in this Edge area.

You will find locations from Delacroix Isle to Point a La Hache, and from Lake Lery to Breton Sound, like the beginning of the Pencil Canal at the south part of Little Lake ( Petit Lake ) shown as waypoint PNCLLK and plotted as 29°42.0802’ N Lat ~ 89°47.3502’ W Long. This is a key location to get to a great bit of the southern part of the Delacroix area.

It also has the Grave Yard location just southeast of Bayou Gentilly and Terre Aux Boeufs as waypoint GRVYRD at 29°45.4241’ N Lat ~ 89°47.2624’ W Long. Also included is the deep hole just north of the Spider in Bayou Ponton, shown as waypoint PNTN1 which is located at 29°38.6750’ N Lat. ~ 89°43.5017’ W Long. This hole is one of the deepest spots in the area. Many nice specks were caught between it and Oak River  just to the south.

Also included is a location on the Twin Pipelines at Branville Bay, which is always worth a cast or two. It is shown as waypoint BRNVLL and is located at 29°39.7307’ N Lat ~ 89°42.4906’ W Long.

Closer to Point a La Hache, it shows locations such as Drum Island shown as HACH12 at 29°32.3090’ N Lat ~ 89°39.1890’ W Long, and numerous locations in American and California Bays.

It also has some great locations in and around Second and Third Bay.  One of these is marked as waypoint 2BAY1S at 29°36.4251’ N Lat ~89°46.7643’ W Long.

To the east, it has locations such as Stone Island and Lonesome, shown as waypoint LONESM located at 29°36.7800’ N Lat ~ 89°33.8090’ W Long.

As you know, GPS data such as waypoints can now be electronically installed in most GPS units. This feature allows the user to install a great amount of waypoint data in just a few minutes. Each Edge features an electronic data file that can be downloaded into a variety of GPS brand units. All of the Edge programs are sent as an email attachment for your computer via your email address. The Edge download includes a Read Me and Instructions file.

Some GPS brands may require you to use their proprietary data transfer programs, but the EDGE programs will work with those, as well.

All of Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge locations may be found online in the Louisiana Sportsman’s Outdoor Store (

Remember that you must state your brand of GPS unit, your email address and the selected area. The Edge files are NOT brand name interchangeable, so be sure to make the correct GPS selection.

Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints will give you a definite edge in navigating and fishing the entire area.

I always suggest that you have a reliable compass and a map of the area whenever you venture outdoors.

And please show respect to other anglers around you and do not trespass.

All positions are determined using WGS datum and are stated as degrees, minutes and ten thousandths of a minute (DDD, MM.mmmm).

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