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Vicious Frog

It seems fitting that a bait so commonly thrown from a bass boat would have a design feature common to this type of vessel. Indeed, the Vicious Frog owes its tantalizing side-to-side walking style to the “bass boat” belly that effects this bass-tempting movement.

The soft, hollow body frog also benefits from an internal weighting system, while the incredible anatomical detail and realistic colors seal the deal.

Available in 1 1/2-, 2-, 2 1/2- and 3-inch models with four color schemes: moss yellow, mud brown, yellow midnight and pearl midnight. has more information.

SPRO Bronzeye Shad

With so many styles on the market, frog fishermen are always trying to get a leg up on the competition. Well, SPRO’s new Bronzeye Shad offers just such an advantage.

Designed by Bassmaster Elite Series pro and renowned topwater frog fisherman Dean Rojas, the Bronzeye Shad resembles the venerable Bronzeye Frog, but the skirted legs are aligned vertically instead of horizontally.

Rojas designed the Bronzeye Shad so it can be used in open-water situations or fished around the edges or in cover. With a new leg design and a slimmer profile, the Bronzeye Shad has a unique walking action that has not been seen before out of a hollow belly frog bait.

At 65 millimeters long, the 5/8-ounce bait is built around Gamakatsu’s 4/0 EWG Double Hook and comes in seven of Spro’s top fish-catching Bronzeye colors.

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Smithwick Elite 8 Rogue

It’s not cool to be a jerk on the water — unless you’re the kind that helps anglers catch fish. Smithwick, the company that brought jerkbaits to the mainstream with the classic Rattlin’ Rogue, introduces the new Suspending Elite 8 Rogue — a 4 ½-inch jerkbait that dives quicker and runs deeper.

The Elite 8 follows all of the fish-catching rules that the original Rogue created, but the dive is steeper and deeper — 8-feet deep on 10-pound line. And the Elite 8 darts erratically when twitched while showing off the “Rogue Roll” that produces baitfish flashes and entices strikes.

Color patterns include both translucent versions for clear water and classic Smithwick chrome, gold and clown patterns for colored water and for a variety of light conditions.

To add sound, the Elite 8 features a single, large tungsten rattle for a unique “knock” that calls up fish.

The release of the Elite 8 comes on the heels of Smithwick’s introduction of the Perfect 10 Rogue, which features a lot of the same characteristics that made the Rogue famous but quickly dives to 10 feet.

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Strike King Denny Brauer Structure Jig

He’s a straight-up icon of shallow-water jig flipping, but Bassmaster Classic winner Denny Brauer has, in recent years, taken a liking to deeper, offshore jig tactics. His insight and experience fueled the development of a hybrid jig design that might very well replace many in your tackle box.

The all-new Structure Jig features a progressive design that bridges the gap between a football jig and a heavy-cover jig. The unique head shape allows anglers to cast it, drag it or flip it effortlessly through grass, brush and rock.

The Denny Brauer Structure Jig is available in three sizes ranging from ½ ounce to 1 ounce.

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Z-Man QuadZilla

Bass target bait balls whenever they can, but sometimes the bulk and weight of an umbrella rig is too much. Enter the revolutionary Z-Man QuadZilla — a big, flashy display without the heavy presence.

Made to emulate a baitfish school, the QuadZilla is keeled to run upright and true on every cast. And with four willow leaf blades surrounding the central spinnerbait body, this innovative lure goes big on the attention-getting flare with considerably less snagging risk than multi-hook rigs.

Light enough for use on spinning tackle, the QuadZilla’s matching silicone head slides up and down the spinnerbait arms for collapsibility and storage between uses. And the ¾-ounce bait comes in six colors and sells for $10.99.

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