Waters in front of Grand Terre islands closed to all but rod-and-reel fishing after tar mats found

Crabbing, bow fishing among prohibited recreational fishing methods, LDWF says

The waters in front of Grand Terre islands have been closed all but recreational rod-and-reel fishing after tar mats were found in the area, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced today.

The closure does not affect charter fishing, the LDWF said.

Closed are waters on the Gulf of Mexico side of the islands a distance of a half mile from the shoreline from the southwestern shore of east Grand Terre at -89 degrees, 54 minutes, 04 seconds west longitude eastward along the shoreline to the southeastern shore of Grand Terre at -89 degrees, 51 minutes, 39 seconds west longitude and then eastward along 29 degrees, 18 minutes, 46 seconds north latitude to -89 degrees, 51 minutes, 19 seconds west longitude.

Tar mats located during ongoing surveys were removed this week in the intertidal and subtidal areas of Grand Terre Islands, the agency said. Some of those mats were in areas that are already closed; howeve,r some additional closures were required. 
All commercial fishing is prohibited in the closed areas, the LDWF announced. Effective with the closure, no person shall take/possess or attempt to take any species of fish for commercial purposes from waters within the closed area, the LDWF said. Possession, sale, barter, trade or exchange of any fish or other aquatic life from the closed area during the closure is prohibited, the LDWF said.

Prohibited recreational fishing activities include:

• crabbing
• shrimping
• flounder gigging
• cast netting
• bait seining
• bow fishing
• spearing
• snagging
• dip netting

Prohibited commercial fishing activities include:

• shrimping
• trawling
• skimming
• butterflying
• crabbing
• flounder and garfish gigging
• cast netting
• oyster harvesting
• gill netting
• hoop netting
• minnow trapping
• rod and reeling
• jug lining
• bow and arrow
• purse seining
• set lining
• spear gunning

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