The Redneck Bait Keeper

How to keep bream-fishing worms alive

There is a low-cost, effective method for keeping red worms, grass shrimp or other live bait cool and comfortable while still making them easy to get to in the heat of summer.

It’s the RBK: the Redneck Bait Keeper.

Jones keeps one for every fisherman in his boat. It’s simply an old coffee can without the top filled with a handful of moss, usually available on an overhanging limb in or near the lake you are fishing.

Dip the moss into the water and get it good and wet and place it in the can. Then put in the worms. They’ll go to the center of the moss and be easy to get out when you need a fresh one.

Make sure you keep the moss good and wet, but don’t make a swimming pool in the can or your bait won’t make it.

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