Seeking more than a crappie

Years of fishing success has led Sam Roberson in what he said is a more important direction.

“I’ve been blessed to catch more than my fair share of crappie over the years,” Roberson said. “I’ve also been blessed to be able to share my faith in Jesus Christ through many ways.

“When I retired, I decided to put the two together, and that is why I founded Seekers of Men.”

He does that through his Facebook page at

Roberson posts regular pictures of his catch, and includes details of what, where and how he caught them. He’s totally honest — so much so that sometimes people might not believe him.

He also puts on seminars and talks to folks at the boat dock or even on the lake, if they get close enough.

He’s developed his Facebook, a web page, and his seminar material with the help of his sons Craig and Jason.

“You hardly ever see another fisherman on the lake,or up at the boat dock that one of you doesn’t ask the other if they had any luck,” Roberson said. “I use that to start a conversation about seeking crappie and then about whether the person is seeking the Lord in their lives.”

He said he’s had very few people who didn’t want to talk about their spiritual lives and — unlike with fishing — he’s happy if he just catches one when he’s seeking men.

“The good Lord hasn’t skunked me on either one yet,” Roberson said with a smile. “I’m hoping he doesn’t ever.”

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