Video: Bassmaster Elite pro embeds treble hook in hand

Jason Christie was having a great day – until his last cast

No matter how experienced an angler you might be, eventually you’ll probably run afoul of a hook or two while out on the water.

It happens to weekend warriors, and even to some of the best fishermen on the planet.

Yesterday, it was Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie’s turn.

Christie, who was participating in the first day of competition of the Bassmaster Elite Texas Fest on Lake Sam Rayburn, wrote on his Facebook page that he was having a great day until disaster struck when a mighty big treble hook became deeply embedded in the meaty part of his left thumb.

Fellow pro Shaw Grigsby performed the grizzly “surgery” on Christie to remove the hook when the anglers returned to the dock.

The whole thing was captured on video, which Christie posted to his Facebook page. Click here to see it, but if you have a weak stomach you should probably skip it.

“Golly, this is a son of a gun, dude,” Grigsby said, while determining a course of action.

Grigsby couldn’t do the string trick with the treble hook — so he used pliers to push the hook through Christie’s skin so he could cut the barb off and finally yank it out.

Christie, who endured the ordeal while sitting in his boat biting down on a towel stuffed in his mouth, told Grigsby after the hook was removed that he never felt pain like that before.

“I’ve cut this finger off,” Christie said, gesturing to one of the digits on his right hand. “And this hurt worse than that.”

At least Christie can take some solace in his performance before the accident: After Day 1, he was in 14th place with a five-fish bag that tipped the scales at 20-13. Brent Ehrler led going into Day 2 with 25-6.

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