The prudence of pickiness

Traveling the country on the Elite tour, Hawk and Hackney can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of baits needed to address the many scenarios they face.

Trimming down the number of bait bags they carry reduces the decisions they make on the water and keeps them focused more on fishing.

The same logic holds for folks fishing near their homes. There’s no problem with rotating through a handful of dependable baits, but if you find one that gives you confidence and work to really learn its abilities and options, you will find yourself fishing more efficiently.

“It cuts down on the amount of stuff I have to carry,” Hackney said. “I’m for simplicity, so the cool thing about having one bait that does so much like that is that it simplifies everything.

“I have four to five of my favorite colors that work all over the country. I don’t have to carry 10,000 different baits.”

Hawk agreed.

“I think if you narrow it down to one bait, it gives you more focus with the bait that you’re fishing,” he said. “A lot of times, with the slow presentations you really need to pay attention and you may not even feel the bite.

“So, if you dedicate your time to fishing that one bait, you’re going to be more in tune with it, and you’re going to know what it’s doing at all times.”

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