Target cypress trees for big Caddo Lake bass

Stick and move to put more fish in the boat, angler says

Nick LeBrun travels the country fishing bass tournaments, but when he returns home to Bossier City this time of year and has a few spare minutes, he knows exactly where he will point his big Skeeter bass boat: Caddo Lake.

And more specifically, big single cypress trees that most anglers don’t take time to fish.

“This time of year is great for catching big bass on single cypress trees,” LeBrun said. “In June and on into July, I like to target the ones that are way off by themselves that people either don’t pay attention to or that it’s just to far to troll out there to them.”

Once he gets there, he keeps it simple.

“I’m going to do one of two things,” he said. “I’ll start with a big old 8 ½-inch V&M Wild Thang worm and I’ll pitch it to the tree. I don’t throw right at the tree, but go just a bit past it, let the worm fall straight down and hop it past the tree. The vertical fall is the key. Some people will make 10 or 15 casts at a tree, but I’m not one to beg the fish to hit it. After a couple of good casts, I’ll move on.”

That strategy ultimately lets him fish 100 trees in a day verses maybe 20 or 25 if he’s fishing the same ones too long. He targets the active fish. And he said always make sure one of the casts is on the shady side of the tree. He isn’t fancy with color selection in this situation. He fishes either black and blue or watermelon red.

Nick also likes to fish a stationary Spro Poppin’ F`rog around those same trees. For that he uses black or bluegill pattern lures. He also sometimes fishes the long lines of mixed hydrilla and duckweed that the lake has to offer in summer. The frog is again his choice here, but he prefers the V&M Bayou Bullfrog, which he can buzz across the top of the grass mats. Either way, when he fishes a frog, he strongly recommends a good braided line. His choice is the new Fitzgerald’s Versa Braid in 50 pound test. He likes 50 pound test because the smaller diameter is “just a little more user friendly” in casting.

When working the lines of grass, Nick said you have to be patient. You may fish what seems like a mile of grass and not get a bite, but then catch five or six good fish within a 10-yard stretch. They just like to bunch up like that this time of year.

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