Red River bass bite on despite high water

Miller successful during the spawn with white spinnerbaits and wacky-rigged worms this week

Despite high water conditions on the Red River, the spawn is on and bass are biting, according to one local angler.

Wesley Miller, of Doyline, said he’s been on at least two solid trips this week and bass have been biting pretty consistently on a white spinnerbait and wacky-rigged worms.

“It’s not quite at flood stage, but it is really high,” Miller said. “It’s got almost the whole thing muddied up. There’s only a couple of places that have clear water.

“I thought after all this nasty weather and extra rain, they wouldn’t be spawning, but they’re in their places. In clear water Thursday, we probably saw 25 different bass on beds.”

But even in muddy water, the bass still bit for him and his brother Trea on Thursday, he said.

“I thought we weren’t going to catch any going down this one bank, and we caught 10 more in like two hours in really muddy water,” Miller said.

Miller has been using Big Bite stick baits with the wacky rig: green pumpkin in clearer water, and black-and-blue flake in stained water.

“For the most part, we’re throwing that wacky rig right up against the bank,” he said. “The temperature is right. It was above 80 degrees the last couple of days, and at night it’s not really getting below 60, so water temperatures are above 60 now.”

Miller, an RN at LifeCare Hospital in Shreveport, said he’s been successful in McDade Lake and Lake Caspiana.

“Anywhere you can get an oxbow and get into some backwaters and find some water that’s not as dirty as the main river, I think you’re in the right area,” he said.

Local anglers apparently don’t realize the bite is on now, he said.

“The Red River is one of the more popular places to fish in North Louisiana and yesterday I was the only  truck in the parking lot, and today there was one other truck and trailer there,” Miller said on Thursday afternoon. “They think the river is high and they’re not going to catch.

“I think the people think the water is too high for the fish to be biting, but they’re wrong. They’re there.”

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