Nip and tuck — Bassmaster Elite Series pro shares jig rigging tips

Use a toothpick as a hook stop

Flipping a jig in cold water comes naturally to Bassmaster Elite Series pro Todd Faircloth, but jig performance takes some concentrated preparation.

Here’s a run down of how he tweaks a jig for optimal wintertime performance.

While some opt to trim weed guards, Faircloth leaves that part of his jigs alone — and actually spreads the guards out like a fan. This serves as a rudder so his jig falls straight with no spinning.

Preferring a Strike King Rodent trailer, Faircloth has developed a method for rigging this plastic as a free-swinging chunk that looks more natural than threading it into his hook.

He starts by trimming the body so there’s about ½ inch left above the tail and the appendages.

Faircloth then trims all four sides of the top edge for a beveled look that minimizes water resistance.

Lastly, the longtime pro inserts a toothpick lengthwise across the top of the trailer to serve as a hook stop.

By running his hook through the Rodent’s remaining body section, he ensures maximum motion with an anchoring device that prevents trailer detachment.

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