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Power-Pole Micro

The Power-Pole Micro anchor is specifically designed for small boats and works great on nearly any kayak. At the push of a button, your ‘yak is securely anchored in up to 8 feet of water. The bracket is permanently mounted to the kayak, but the light-weight driver unit is easily removable and transferable to other vessels.

There are aftermarket mounts available for a variety of kayak brands and models. With a 1,500 pound capacity, it can also be used on duck boats, jon boats and small skiffs. Anchoring is effortless and extremely quiet. The driver unit includes a 15-foot power cable to use with a 12-volt onboard battery. There is an optional snap-on Micro Battery Pak that is as easy to use as those on a cordless drill. The driver unit comes with a portable key fob remote and a permanent mount dash switch. The driver unit fits any ¾-inch spike, and Power-Pole separately sells a variety of lightweight or heavy-duty spikes from 6 to 8.5 feet. MSRP: $595 (Micro Driver unit). Spikes $79.95-$99.95. * Power-Pole is currently offering a $100 rebate for the purchase of both a Micro Spike Driver and spike. See website for details.

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NRS Boundary shoe

It’s technically called a shoe, but the NRS Boundary is actually a knee-high, waterproof neoprene boot that’s perfect for kayaking — whether you’re paddling or pedaling. Launching and landing your ‘yak often requires stepping into the water or soft mud. Each Boundary shoe is glued, blind-stitched, double-taped at the seams and factory-tested to ensure waterproof performance. The shoes are warm, lightweight and offer great traction. The sole wraps around all sides, including up the heel, to protect you from sharp rocks and oysters. A slick interior surface at the top makes them glide on with ease. The neoprene stretches for a comfortable fit and adjustable straps at both the top and across the instep keep them secure even in the muckiest of muck. MSRP: $89.95

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Bioenno Power 12-volt 12Ah Lithium Battery

Electronics on kayaks are becoming more common. GPS/fish finders, lights, USB phone chargers and Power-Pole anchor systems all require 12 volts. Large-screen color depth finders draw more amps, and when combined with other electronic devices, you need longer lasting batteries to get through a full day of fishing. Depending on the total amp draw of your equipment, these batteries can provide multiple days usage without recharging. Traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are heavy and provide lower amp hours in relation to their size. Bioenno Power lithium iron phosphate batteries are lightweight and fully sealed. Because they contain no liquids, the batteries can be mounted in any orientation — even upside down. This provides many options for installing the battery. Lithium batteries provide many more cycles over the life of the battery when compared to traditional SLA batteries. The Bioenno 12V 12AH weighs only 3.5 pounds and provides long-lasting power with no voltage drop over the course of use. The spade terminal connectors are bedded in epoxy and offer easy connections to your power cables. The battery comes with a two-year warranty. MSRP: $139.99, including a special lithium iron phosphate charger.

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