Fishing after cold fronts with Greg Hackney

When cold fronts first start coming through in the fall, pro angler Greg Hackney knows this is a great time to fish for bass. While fish might not react to the fronts right away, it is sure to change their patterns at some point in the fall. Putting together the right formula helps Hackney key in on fish after the fronts. In this segment of Sportsman TV, he shows exactly how he does it.

Hackney started off his morning throwing a buzz bait and a spinner bait. But with no bites he decided to change tactics. He switched over to flipping a rage bug and immediately started generating bites.

One of the big keys to success for Hackney was to let go of his preconceived notions of what the fishing was going to be like. He started the day thinking that fish would be well into their fall pattern but quickly learned that wasn’t the case. He adapted to what the fish were actually doing and worked with what they gave him.

By flipping the edges of the grass mat as well as far back in it, Hackney figured out the pattern for the morning. The lure he did all his damage with was a Strike King rage bug rigged on an ounce and a half tungsten weight.

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