Don’t forget marsh bass fishing

When going into the Pearl River system, many anglers think of woods and big cypress trees. And, while the Pearl certainly has these, one place that’s overlooked is the marsh just south of the Pearl.

Those marshes can offer excellent fishing that many anglers completely forget about, Jeff Bruhl said.

“A lot of times (when the river is high) I’ll go down to the marsh area and catch the bass really well,” Bruhl said.

He said looking for a falling tide is key, and when that happens, just like in the Pearl River, he focuses on the drains.

“It’s like any other marsh area, where you will have some ponds that will always stay clear and they will drain when the tide goes out or a north wind blows,” Bruhl said. “It might make a stretch of bank near a drain from a pond have mixing water, and they might be stacked right there.”

The marsh also can be productive on incoming tides, but Bruhl still fishes near the drains and covers a lot of water with search baits like spinnerbaits or a crankbaits.

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