Boyce youngster gets bass of a lifetime

Benton Humphries, 11, and Hunter Sims of Mayhem Fishing with the 10.28-pound bass Benton caught on Feb. 26 at Kincaid Lake in Boyce.

On Feb. 26, I went fishing with Hunter Sims from Mayhem Fishing Company with a goal of beating my personal best of two pounds.

Hunter told me he would guarantee it and he did. In less than two hours, I not only beat my best, I hooked into the fish of a lifetime. We were casting up toward the bank with Texas Rigs, waiting and hoping for that big bite. Then we spotted a “moose.”  Me, being the kid I am, didn’t think Hunter was serious when he told me I was going to catch it.

But, we did. After my fourth cast we did the unthinkable, my bait disappeared and I set the hook. It was at that moment I knew this was an opportunity I may never get again. The fish was tugging and running and I remember Hunter saying “just have fun with it” and I did just that.

At one point, he had to grab me by the shirt to make sure I wasn’t going to join the fish in the lake. Once I got it up to the boat, we realized it was even bigger than we thought. A lot bigger. When we got it in the net we all screamed with excitement. I’m not sure who had the bigger smile, me or Hunter.

We got it to the scale and found out it was 10.28 pounds. I knew this would be an experience I would never forget and without the help and direction from Hunter and Ryan, it wouldn’t have been possible.

Thank you to all of Mayhem Fishing Co. for helping this 11-year-old from Boyce find out that dreams come true. You can learn more about Mayhem Fishing Company on Facebook.