Baits for brush piles

So you’ve got your brush piles set up and now it’s time to reap the benefits of your labor. What are the best lures to use around brush piles? Marc Deschenes puts a lot of faith in two main lures — big plastic worms and spinnerbaits.

“I Texas-rig my worms with a twist-on bullet weight, because when pulling the lure through all those branches, you don’t want the weight to get separated from the worm, which will cause you to get tangled,” said Deschenes, who also likes using spinnerbaits because the blades help keep the lure from getting tangled in the branches. “Just don’t stop reeling, because that’s when you’ll get stuck.”

While some anglers try to avoid hitting branches with their lures, fearing they’ll get hung up, Deschenes tries to hit every branch to draw attention to his lure.

“When your lure hits a branch, then springs free, that’s often when a bass notices and instinctively hits it,” he said.

Another lure Deschenes likes is a topwater bait like a Rebel Pop-R. He works the lure on the surface over the brush pile, hoping a fish that is sticking close to the brush will look up and attack.