Aqua Design WaterWRAPS

The camouflage pattern on Aqua Design’s fishing clothing mimics water surfaces so effectively, it helps anglers avoid detection by wary fish. The Idaho-based company is now offering its graphic pattern to color nearly any printable product—whether the intent is concealment or cool, unique styling.

The proprietary Aqua Design camo pattern is based on underwater photography with a skyward focus — capturing a fish’s perspective. This innovation has provided anglers with an advantage over less-stealthy outfits. Out of water, the vibrant wavy pattern, in five environment-based colors, is offering outdoor enthusiasts a way to dress their products in water-inspired graphics with a shimmering 3-D feel.

Using a variety of printing technologies, such as heat transfer, hydro-printing and roller printing, Aqua Design’s WaterWRAPS™ graphics can be applied to nearly any printable surface, including textiles and hard surfaces such as fiberglass, plastic and metal. Even curved surfaces are acceptable. For example, the company’s adhesive-backed graphic film can be applied to ATVs, boats or water skis to create a camo-patterned skin. Paint-based techniques can be used for curved, hard surfaces or soft, absorbent surfaces such as textiles.

Products such as sunglasses, fishing rods, and bicycle helmets have already been successfully skinned with WaterWRAPS™ graphics. The product applications are wide ranging and include items such as cell phones, snowboards, scuba gear, computers, rain jackets, ice coolers as well as many textile options.

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