AG urges Supreme Court to protect public access to Catahoula Lake

With the rights of thousands of Louisiana sportsman on the line, Attorney General Jeff Landry is asking the Louisiana Supreme Court to reverse a lower court’s decision in Cooks & Crooks v. Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

“The Crooks case is one of the greatest threats to Louisiana’s hunters and fishermen,” said General Landry. “In addition to jeopardizing the public’s right to access and use many Louisiana waterways for hunting, fishing, and habitat conservation – the suit also potentially could cost the State’s taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.”

“While we were successful in having $18 million in attorney’s fees struck down by the appellate court, it is crucial that the Louisiana Supreme Court completely overturn the district court’s decision,” explained General Landry. “If that does not happen, decades of well-reasoned precedent will be disrupted and our State will be exposed to over $40 million in damages. What’s more: it would endanger the rights of Louisiana sportsmen to access large swaths of water in Catahoula Lake and other lakes like it.”

Attorney General Jeff Landry says closure would endanger the rights of sportsmen.
Attorney General Jeff Landry says closure would endanger the rights of sportsmen.

“The lower courts’ decisions would penalize important habitat management efforts that benefit sportsman and would unfairly restrict public access to these waters by literally changing the definition of a ‘lake,’” added General Landry. “I am dedicated to protecting the rights of sportsmen to both access and harvest from our State’s bountiful waters. My office and I will continue to do all we legally can to do just that.”