Tagging out

Both myself, Felix Boone, and my dad Duane Boone got lucky in late November. We each had one buck tag remaining and that Saturday evening we were going to take it easy and stay at the camp and play corn hole. At around 2:15 dad received a picture of a 10-point up and moving so we scrambled out to the stands and within 30 minutes of sitting dad was able to tag out on a beautiful 10-point. So we head to the camp to hang him up. It was cold, so we just gutted him and left him hanging for the night. At around 9:30 that night dad busted into my camp with a image from one of his cell cameras of the big 8-point we had been watching since August. He was at a stand we call “The cutover.” So my nephew and I head out the following morning. It was a cold still morning and around 7:15 the big boy stepped out at 150 yards broad side to get him a nibble of corn and the 30-06 did its job. It was my biggest buck to date. We measured him at around 142″. Both dad and I are very fortunate to have taken two beautiful bucks for our last tags.

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