Sean Chandler’s impressive 8-point buck

Howdy y’all, this is my 8-point that I shot on the 14th of December. I shot him with my brand new 30-06, second deer with it, had him on camera on the 9th chasing a doe that took a dump in front the camera! But I checked my camera that he was standing in front of and turns out he and another bunch have been tearing it up all night during that storm! He jumped the fence into the property about 200 yards from me, saw his horns through the bryers and thought I was dreaming! He came to my pile of corn and he was standing straight on at me… needless to say I have a few pics of him before I shot him. Neat thing, I actually shot him 3 times, first shot straight through the heart, he didn’t flinch, took a step, I racked another one and waited, he kept eating, so I put another one in hime, ran 10 feet and stopped, nibbles on some grass so I shot him again, this time he dropped.

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