Lily Congemi’s first boar

Thirteen-year-old Lily Congemi’s first boar was actually the first pig she had ever seen while hunting. She was hunting with her dad in the Texas Hill Country on a cold Thanksgiving morning. The boar came out at about 200 yards and slowly made his way to the feeder 80 yards away. Lily got her .243 Savage up quietly and waited what seemed like forever for the pig to stop broadside. When her dad gave the OK, she made a perfect shot. The .243 passed through but the pig ran off. Lily thought she missed, but dad could tell it was a good hit. Luckily there was a good blood trail, but Lily was more than a little nervous about trailing him into the cedars. At the end of the blood trail Lily stopped the 120-pound boar 20 yards ahead under a cedar. Dad made sure it was dead then the excitement started. Lily found out dragging a pig and loading it in a truck is a lot harder than a similar sized deer. Later she bragged about her hunt while helping to skin the boar.

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