Catahoula 10-point

Doris Byrnes with the 225-pound, 10-point buck she got on Dec. 19, 2021 in Catahoula Parish with her 35 Whelen.

“My mom quit hunting 7 years ago due to her knees and not being able to walk to her stand so she forfeited it to me. I had my cell cameras out and my nephew had the app on his phone also. On Dec. 19, 2021, I was in my mom’s old stand watch two does they was very nervous. They keep looking behind them. Dark was closing in, in the far right of the shooting lane I seen a glimpse of a big deer go across. It was headed to the buck scrape I had made on the way in. The check it and came on up to the next one. By then the 2 does had bolted and ran off and the buck came on in the food plot. My nephew was in Utah on the rig working and texted my to tell me that big 10-point was at mom’s old stand., but I couldn’t or wouldn’t answer him. The deer would not turn sideways and give me a shoulder shot so I had no choice but to shoot him in the chest the 35 whelen. I know that’s not the best placement but with only 2 minutes of legal shooting light left you got to go for it and I have made that shot a dozen times successfully. I got out of the stand, found blood, and got my dog Lori. She went about 40 yards and located my 18-inch 10-point.”

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