Bubba Himel’s personal best buck

“I hunt area 6 on Cat Island in West Feliciana Parish. I have been hunting here since 2001. I had been hunting my box stand watching deer all weekend determined to wait for a nice buck. I decided to switch stands on Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 22, 2022. The weather was nice, very little wind and 55 degrees. I decided to go to a ladder stand on the west side of our property near the river over looking a couple food plots. I went in about 3 o’clock because I wanted to get there early and settle in. I knew the deer had started moving around 5 o’clock all weekend. About 4:30 I heard some movement to my left on the other side of a thicket. I finally saw what was making the noise. Three turkeys came out. They hung out for about 15 minutes or so and then left. I heard some more movement to my left, so this time I grabbed my gun and positioned myself to face where I knew the deer would come out. I could finally see movement through the thicket. A doe walked out and started eating in the food plot and then a second doe came out. As I was watching them a third deer came out. I could see it had horns. It was a small buck, either a 4 or a 6 point, it went right back in the thicket. Then another deer walked out. I didn’t see horns, but I pulled up my gun and looked at it through my scope. I noticed it was another doe, however, it was bigger than the first two. As I was watching those three deer, the buck stepped back out, or at least I thought is was the same buck. I looked at it through my scope to see if it was a 4 or 6, that’s when I noticed it was much bigger, it was a 10-point, or at least I thought it was at first. I had a few 10’s on camera but I also had a 12, it had split brow tines. I moved the crosshairs behind his right shoulder and took the shot, he dropped down and ran off to my right. I felt confident with the shot, I could hear him running off and then I heard him crash. I unloaded my gun and climbed down, went to where I shot him and there was blood everywhere. I followed a solid blood trail and found him about 60 yards in. When I checked him I noticed the kicker on the left. I was so excited, he is a 13-point, my personal best. My patience paid off and I am very pleased with this buck. I was truly blessed.”

-Bubba Himel

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