Big bow kill

Doris Byrnes took this big 21-inch 8-point buck with her bow on Oct. 17, 2021.

“I have been hunting this buck for 2 years and he he had been giving me the slip. I would be at work and my camera would go off and he would be in the food plot. My day off I would sit all day and as soon as I would leave he would come out. I finally decided he was laid up beside the trail I walked in on. This year, I tried something different. I walked in the back way a couple days and saw a bunch of does and smaller bucks. On Oct. 17, 2021, the big buck and two other smaller bucks came out. The two other bucks where fighting amongst themselves while he was eating on a block I had put out. I was waiting for him to turn for a clear shot. My Apple watch was vibrating and lighting up and I’m thinking he is going to see or hear it because he is only 30 yards away. I’m thinking to myself what is so important that my husband, sister or children need. They know better! Lol After I shot, I climbed down out of the stand found piles of blood so I knew it was a great shot. I then looked at my watch to see was who it was and it was telling me to “BREATHE.” My husband, Keith, came over with our dog Lori and within 10 minutes she had him located.”

-Doris Byrnes

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