Abigail Rae Parish’s West Feliciana Parish buck

“We’ve been after this buck for two seasons now. I’ve been wanting him all season, but I promised my daughter, Abigail Rae Parish, 12, she would get to shoot him when he came out. After rushing home from Baton Rouge, we both threw on jackets and went out to the stand at 4:35, in the same clothes she took pictures with Santa in at the Mall of Louisiana. When it was almost time to leave the stand we saw movement. I didn’t see him but she got him in her crosshairs. She said ‘Daddy I’m scared’ and I said ‘Get it baby!’ She squeezed the trigger and cried out ‘daddy I got him!’ She dropped him right in his tracks. We both jumped up, hugged and ran out to see him! She was shaking and I was crying! Thank you God for providing this beautiful deer to feed our family and for the amazing memories! He’s a 12-point with double split brow tines. He was 245 pounds.”

-Derrick Parish

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